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For 70 years, middle class workers have relied on the multiemployer pension system to secure their retirement, but outdated rules and regulations have kept these plans from modernizing to keep pace with changes in the economy. Even plans that are healthy today need the option to make structural changes so they can continue to provide certainty for workers in the years to come. If Congress doesn’t act, millions of American workers are at risk of outliving their retirement savings.

That’s where you come in.

A bipartisan group of representatives has endorsed the GROW Act, as a solution to strengthen the multiemployer system for the future. Similar plans are already being utilized in Canadian multiemployer systems with enormous success, and the model has undergone extensive stress testing to show that it will work as intended in the U.S. Composite plans will provide greater certainty American workers and stability to employers, as the country still struggles to fully recover from the Great Recession.

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